How to Make Homemade Sanitizer

A few people have asked about homemade hand sanitizer. Listen, finding these ingredients is hard as of today – stores are mostly wiped out. Still, you might get lucky.

The easiest way is 1/3 Aloe Vera gel and 2/3 Isopropyl alcohol. It’s easy to make, comes out a little bit runnier than store bought hand sanitizer, but works like a charm. Shelf life? I’ve heard everything from a week to months. Going a little heavier on the alcohol might extend the shelf life so experiment!

Plan B (or the “Redneck Plan” as we like to call it). 1/3 Aloe Vera gel, 2/3 hard liquor (Vodka, Moonshine, Grain – 120 Proof and up), a couple of drops of essential oils. So the essential oil is a preference and you can absolutely go without it so long as you don’t mind reeking of Vodka. I know a few people who prefer the Vodka smell, actually, so to each their own.

Again, good luck tracking Aloe Vera down as every soccer mom in America has now become a prepping “expert”. *cough* You can substitute distilled water for Aloe Vera gel if you don’t mind splashing it onto your hands and letting it dry. *cough*


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