Cheers From Lockdown!

Hello from the Ponderosa! I wanted to let everyone know that we’re in lockdown (sorta) as in, our governor is an idiot and has been trying to browbeat folks into staying at home rather than issuing the order. We’re doing it anyway. I’m in the beginning stages of writing my own spin of the classic novel Dracula. In other words, I’m binge watching pre-1960s horror movies and creating my own characters between doses of coffee and college thesis papers.

This isn’t a rewrite of the original Bram Stoker masterpiece and it won’t be written in journal form, like the original. My take will be a different take entirely, merely inspired by Stoker’s universe.

I only hope that, when the Corona Virus is past us, that people are left to read it. Folks, take care of yourselves. I know that income is important (especially now), but remember that jobs employ you…they don’t own you. Never put yourself or your family in harm’s way to make a buck, it’s not worth it. If you need prepping tips, check out my lovely Zombie Radio podcast. -JD


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