The TRUTH About Food Shortages

I just read a terrible Yahoo article on beef shortages and decided to rewrite the article from a prepper’s standpoint. Listen, not only are major food shortages on the horizon, they are already here in many cases. Allow me to explain. In my region we heard “stop hoarding food, when people stop hoarding there will be plenty to go around”, right? Soon after, stores began to close early to “restock” and limits were placed on many food items. Awesome! – except that didn’t fix the issue. If there was plenty in reserve, stores closing early to restock, and limits imposed, there should be plenty of food on our shelves. Yet the problem has gotten substantially worse.

The truth is simple: America isn’t importing like it once was and we don’t have enough farms/plants to support our population. Pork processing plants have now closed and this will (is) lead to a major run on beef. This run on beef will lead to a shortage, thus a run on the next meat product, and the cycle continues on down the line.

The rest of the world thinks about the next step – preppers are thinking ten steps ahead. While people were rushing to collect toilet paper, many preppers were locking down long-term drinking water solutions. If you’re ready to think like a prepper, I advise you to hoard the following items while you still can:

Dry Beans, powdered milk, canned meat (very long shelf life), honey (unlimited shelf life), dry rice, all purpose flour, sugar, canned pasta sauce, canned fruit and veggies, jerky (if affordable), powdered Gatorade, a Brita water filtering pitcher w/ additional filters. How much do you need? Ideally 1 month of food for each member of your household is the bare minimum a prepper keeps – 3 months per member of your household if you can afford it.

Finally, I’ll leave you with an Amazon link to land you the best prepper food possible – handpicked by yours truly. These are extremely limited and will likely sell out fast – but they cover the basics outside of a water filtering system.

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