Times up. Prep NOW, or pay later.

Let me be clear: Our county’s new normal is and will be chaos. This November, there is no winner, no matter who you vote for. If Joe Biden loses you can expect Civil War. Liberals, socialists, communists, ANTIFA, and BLM will not tolerate 4 more years of President Trump, or the realization that their movements have failed. Likewise, should Joe Biden win, a landslide of socialism and communism is coming and the other half of our country will not allow it. Conservatives, law enforcement, military veterans, and the 3% militia.

In other words, the way our country once stood – those days are over.

I also see this new “normal” as a global issue in time, which is why I am strongly encouraging all of you to prepare for it NOW, before it’s truly too late. How can you prepare?

You NEED a gun. A handgun, shotgun, rifle – SOMETHING.

You need (at a minimum) a year’s worth of food storage and more importantly, you need to understand that growing food and fishing may be needed in the years to come. Learn how to do these things.

You need a bug out location ready to go, just in case. Maybe this is a family member or friend who is willing to share a home and pool resources. In a prepping situation, you should be ready to move with what you need in 15 minutes or less. Have your supplies in a bug out bag, folks, and be ready to get to your secondary bug out location. For me, this is a deep woods country retreat that has a huge garden and well water. Either way, you need to begin working on this right now.

You need bartering supplies. Common items that can and will be bartered in the future: pure silver, antibiotics, common ammunition, whiskey and/or wine, canned food, extra non-perishable food. No folks, not toilet paper.

You need to understand that larger cities are already lost. The supply line (at least in the United States) was far too dependent on imports and is now breaking down, partially due to the Covid-19 and partially because of the inner cities now being lost to anarchy movements.

State economies are now failing – unemployment checks aren’t clearing and taxes are being added (up to 50% on many items) with the stroke of a pen. The people in charge understand that we have too many dependents and not enough income, and they’re in full panic mode. Become dependent on yourself and begin prepping right now, folks, or pay later.

After the events of 2020 the world will move on. What is actually looks like post Covid-19 and Civil War is anyone’s guess. Either way, you want to be there. You and your loved ones want to survive this. Do the work now and be sure to SUBSCRIBE TO MY PREPPING PODCAST!


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