Since publishing his first work in 2011, the ride has been beautiful crazy! It’s only fitting that we remember the greatness (and not so greatness) of the past, right? Welcome to the Archive!

Here it is, folks, in all of its glory! As the very first story Davis published, Gunship charted all the way up to #3 on the bestselling list and then later returned to the list, claiming the #1 overall spot. The cover featured Davis’ friend, professional model and actress Amanda Elizabeth, who also appeared on the cover of the fifth installment, Gunship: Legendary.

Collaborating with Patrick Prejusa on REDD: Down the Rabbit Hole is Davis’ crowning achievement, though Davis has mixed emotions on it. “REDD is a great story and I fell in the love with the universe. It took FIVE YEARS to secure the rights to novelize the motion picture, son, so I am proud to have done it. Patrick was fantastic to work with. Yet, there’s something in my gut that hurts each time I think about this one because, having agreed to novelize it, I was given the opportunity a short time later to write an official G.I. Joe canon novel. Part of me will always regret having to say no to that offer, but part of me will always be proud of having been a part of the REDD universe. In the end, REDD is far cooler”.

Who can forget the “Twitter feud” between Davis and actor Jon Cryer? It garnered so much heat on social media that it was eventually picked up by Fox News. In the end, many celebrities would try piling onto Davis, including Joshua Jackson (of Dawson’s Creek fame) and Alyssa Milano. Yet a few patriots pulled their sleeves up and took Davis’ position, including Pacman World Champion Billy Mitchell. Davis and Mitchell continue a friendship today. And yes, Davis would go on to be featured in arcade legend Walter Day’s science fiction trading card set as card #238.

Liberals on Twitter demanded an apology from Davis. Instead, John began marketing and selling “I Defeated Lex” drink tumblers (Cryer portrayed DC’s Lex Luthor at the time). To this day Davis claims that no one ever presented a factual list – “just a bunch of CNN nonsense”.

During 2015, Davis spent a year as a staff writer, covering both the Atlanta Steam and writing preview articles for the LFL TV provider at the time, FUSE. Like LFL owner Mitch Mortaza, Davis was a die-hard Washington Redskins fan at the time and pushed hard behind the scenes for a team to be placed in DC. Ultimately, Mortaza chose to place an expansion team in Austin, Texas, but Davis would continue working with the LFL on the TV series Pretty. Strong. At the end of the 2015 season, Davis was offered a full-time job to travel with LFL personnel and work behind the scenes of each week’s broadcast. He declined the job and left the LFL.

“One night I’m up writing an article for the LFL and I’m scheduled to fly out to Seattle and meet Mortaza at the close of the Legends Cup. I’m excited at this point. But as I sat in a quiet house and contemplated what it actually meant, I realized I would be on the road and away from my family for a third of the year, surrounded by women who were being sexualized. Up until that point I had justified working for the LFL because the football was good, and it is. Yet, somehow I had fallen way off track and I was walking the wrong path. God convicted my heart that night and I sent my editor, Colton, a resignation. Crazy! All I had to do was fly out and meet Mortaza for 5 minutes and not screw that meeting up, then I’m in, getting paid good money to write about football. I felt heavily convicted. I knew that I would have to face my kids one day and explain to them why I worked for a league that sexualized women to sell tickets. On the outside I had convinced myself that it was OK, but deep down I knew it was wrong. A few years later (and a lot of praying later) God opened a door for me on YouTube with Prepper Nation and shoved me through it.”

The only explanation is divine intervention. Has to be. I had podcasted for several years on the subject of writing and even prepping and I had a whopping 38 followers. One morning I wake up and the channel has thousands of subscribers and was continuing to skyrocket. Each day I get email replies from people that are blown away because I answered their emails. I have people that literally plan their mornings around hearing me ramble on YouTube each day and that’s a strange feeling, to be honest. I mean, who am I? Just some random guy that collects 80s video games and has an opinion on things. I’m like anyone else. Yet I now have people handling my social media for me and people who tell me which website I need to make an appearance on because people are waiting.”

I just keep running in the direction God pushed me, and I do the best I can. I’m trying not to screw it up, to be honest, and I don’t always get it right. I don’t want to be famous and I certainly don’t want to be rich. I just want to be able to stand in front of my creator when the time comes and say that’d I did my best for Him. We live in a world full of rules and I hate that, it confines us. Both writing and podcasting makes me feel free. I just sit down and give what I have in an honest way, and that is like therapy to me. Writing and podcasting bring me joy and they allow me to have the income to bless others in need. Plus, my kids think I’m world famous or something HA! It’s pretty cool walking into a place knowing your kids believe their daddy is some big shot. I’m not, of course, but who I am to break their hearts?”


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