The Bugout Bag

Yes, I use the above rucksack personally when it comes to the bug out bag. I have “bugged out” for approximately a month (the longest single trip) and what I can tell you is that bugging out is exciting for about 2 days. After that, it’s an inconvenience that eventually becomes a miserable experience. There are 3 things you do NOT want to cheap out on when it comes bugging out: Your bag/rucksack, your tent, and your knife. All 3 must be ultra dependable and function flawlessly, otherwise you’re in trouble.

Can you cheap out on other things? Absolutely! Duct Tape from the Dollar Tree is fine. Cheap paracord or even fishing line is better than nothing at all. You obviously want the best equipment possible, but you can cut corners on everything else – not on the bag, tent, or knife. Want to make a bad experience worse? Put your family into a cheap tent that leaks and watch the fireworks. Nurse the bad back because your rucksack doesn’t fit right.

Here’s a basic list of other things I would encourage you to add to your pack:

Duct Tape, freeze dried or canned food, water, a Lifestraw or Sawyer Mini, waterproof matches AND Bic lighters, a ferro rod, a tarp, wool blankets, a cookpot or metal cup, flashlight, crank flashlight/radio with solar, paracord or fishing line on a budget, fishing hooks and sinkers, rock climbing clasps, basic first aid kit, map and compass, extra socks, emergency blankets – there’s a good starting list. You’ll add more according to your climate and style. If it’s cold you’re probably packing extra wool. If it’s wet, an extra tarp or poncho. You get the idea.

The key to a good bugout bag is finding the balance between taking what you need and taking what you can actually carry over a long distance. Real estate inside of that bag is everything! If an item serves 2 or more purposes it’s a good item to consider. I chose the above rucksack because it’s military issue and the Molle attachments allow me to add side bags, medical bags, etc. on the exterior of the bag, giving me more real estate. The rack evens the weight and makes carrying it much easier.


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