Sadly, it has been brought to my attention that a handful of creators on YouTube believe that I am either making a killing, or not donating money. I’ve posted screenshots from PayPal indicating donations with dates and amounts.

Two things to note here: The $500 donation has the name marked out because this individual is a friend of mine and could not afford proper podcasting equipment. Kristy Hardie donated the money for this, PayPal took a cut from her donation and I actually chipped in $22.50 of my own money so we could donate a flat $500 to this individual. It was the right thing to do. Second, the donation to Alaska Prepper was given during his food drive last Christmas.

I would like to add that it is a sad day when I have to explain this to Prepper Nation because of a handful of other creators who are both envious and lacking any sort of moral character. Moving forward, I will continue to do God’s work because I truly believed that He opened this door for me. My only regret is that I cannot afford to do more. I will continue to take the high road and want everyone in Nationland to know that my primary source of income is writing about zombies, not talking about prepping. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to email me at


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15 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Wow. This is very sad and disheartening that you have to explain yourself. Jealousy is an ugly emotion that so many people have for others. You and God know your heart and your true intentions. Just know you can lay your head down at night knowing that you are a good human being.

  2. Ehm… Why are people asking you about donations?
    Isn’t that a private thing? If you feel like you want to donate to something and can afford it, you do. If not, you don’t. It’s not really anyone’s business but yours. Or have I missed something?

  3. Those that know you, know your heart is gold. Please don’t let the ugliness of other creators get to you. Continue to do what you do and hold your head high because you are a good person with a kind heart.

  4. Yes John, you are right, it is a sad day when you feel you have to send out this info.
    When I donate to your channel every month I always feel good about it, knowing it will go to worthy causes. I totally trust your judgment 100% as to where the money is best used. In my opinion, you & Prepper Nation channel are definitely being used by God to help a lot of people. From beginners to the “seasoned” ones, all can benefit from your knowledge, content, presentation & great sense of humor. To me, we are all like a great big Nation family. Have a blessed weekend!

    1. There is a lot given away outside of PayPal and I try not to list any of it. I don’t want the recognition – I’m not great, God is. I just feel like people need to know their $ goes to something worthwhile.

  5. My man! Set up Venmo brother they can take as little as 0% transaction fee and at most like 1-3% to send it to your bank account within seconds.

  6. I am sorry to hear this John. I think in part it is a ruse to destroy the prepper community. If not, then they are just jealous of the community you have built. Those who have been with you know you and your character.

  7. These are the tip of an iceberg. It IS a sad day when you have to defend yourself like this. Transparency is not a bad thing, I just feel like you already ARE.

  8. John, don’t fret too much about the haters, they gonna do what they do son! Props to you for what you do from the YT channels to your charity donations and to hell with all the haters that have been infected by the green eyed monster from a fellow Tarheel down here in the southern Piedmont. I read Wicked this past weekend and thought it was a damn good read.

  9. God bless you for the good work you are doing, they are not so many left like you may you continue the with your work 🙏🙏🙏

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