You might know me as the host of Prepper Nation! Each morning at 9AM EST and every Saturday Night at 9PM EST we (and I do mean WE) talk all things prepping, from spiritual prepping to firearms. Unlike most prepping channels, which exist to further the channel owner’s online “cred”, Prepper Nation is an actual community. Trust me when I say that I could care less about online “cred”.

Being an “influencer” in the prepping community is weird to me because I honestly never wanted to be one. I’m just a regular guy who sees a need to prepare for the worst as I understand that the next disaster is just around the corner. Companies continue to send me free gear to review, which I guess is cool. My kids rave about their dad being an influencer – the “dad cred” I will take. As for the rest of it? “Meh.”

My favorite part of this whole gig is getting to know the people at Prepper Nation. I enjoy speaking my mind and hearing from other preppers – I have honestly learned a lot! Hopefully you’ll consider joining our motley crew of community members. If so, be sure to let me know you read through this entire page of rambling, trooper.

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