People are often surprised to find out that I make my living by writing about zombies and space ships. I’ve been writing full-time since 2011, folks, and it’s one of my absolute passions. Long story short, I read a book once upon a time and realized that I could do better. Why not me, right? So I started slinging ink into notebooks and after a year of writing, Gunship was born. Was it an instant classic? No! At least not in my opinion, but readers disagreed and kept buying it until it was charting as the #2 overall book in science fiction.

Since that first book I have written 34 more stories, including collaborations with other bestselling authors and even an official movie novelization. Writing has opened a lot of doors for me but man is it a lot of work! It’s a pretty lonely profession too, which is why podcasting and gaming are the perfect hobbies during the downtime.

The moniker “Book Commander” you ask? During a very public spat with actor Jon Cryer that was ultimately picked up by Fox News, one of his trolls threw the name Book Commander at me like a slur. I won’t lie, I fell in love with it and adopted it as my very own. At the time, Cryer was portraying DC’s Lex Luthor between his episodes of Trump bashing and I actually have a Redneck Superman themed coffee mug around here somewhere. It reads “I Defeated Lex”.

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