I know, I get it, there’s something fundamentally wrong with a guy that podcasts about doomsday prepping, writes zombie fiction, and also plays video games. Right? Allow me to explain.

I have a bit of an 80s obsession and a lot of that has to do with the older arcade games. When these games hit home consoles (I’m looking at you, Atari!) they literally saved my life. I watched as my good friends, one at a time, either became addicted to drugs and died or wound up in prison – that’s no lie. My childhood was hard. We didn’t have a lot and I would often look at the arcade artwork and begin scribbling stories that popped up in my head. I owe my career in writing and potentially even my life to these older games.

Walter Day (the first official ESports referee) heard about this, found my writing, and included me in an actual trading card set of science fiction authors and gaming legends, which was an absolute honor. This also led to a friendship with World Pacman Champion Billy Mitchell. Most of my childhood friends had drugs destroy their lives, yet here I am tweeting back and forth with the PACMAN WORLD CHAMP, right?

A handful of my friends made the same life choices and we obsess a little bit over the retro games. It is what it is. Travis is the main brainchild behind Channel 3, which launches September 2021. “Caveman” James is riding with us, as is our friend Robbie. Thing is, we have these heated, passionate arguments over which retro games are the greats and which ones suck. It should be interesting to watch. Yes folks, this is how I spend my downtime outside of writing and prepping.

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