The Future

Well folks, it has been a very strange month. I finally earned my degree, which is awesome (except the part where I have to pay for it now), and I thought it would free up ample time to write. It hasn’t. Honestly, I have plenty of stories in my head and will continue to write as I can, but I’ve also come to realize how much the YouTube and podcast have been neglected. Therefore this website (blog, whatever) will be subject to some major changes.

Outside of faith and family, reading and writing are my true loves. There’s no way an author just “hangs it up”, I don’t care what anyone says – it doesn’t work that way. But I also need to be a realist. There’s just no way to handle all of the other business and then churn out four or five novels a year, zero chance. Instead, I’ll be taking my editor’s advice (thanks Hammer) and writing as I can.

It’s crazy in a way, because I have two amazing kids and two amazing platforms in writing and podcasting. I already know that my daughter is the heir apparent when it comes to the writing, she was born to do it, and my son is brilliant when it comes to YouTube and other forms of social media. He’ll likely be sitting in the Prepper Nation host’s chair one day. Until then, I have to build both platforms as I can and give the proper attention where it is needed. When the next story does release it will blow you away – promise.


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