Cell Block C

Yes everyone, YouTube has formally banned me from posting on Prepper Nation for the week and my release date is nearing. My crime? When talking about the vaccine I said “do your own research” – nothing more. After being hit with the YouTube strike I thought I would appeal this nonsense but nope, my “lawyers” were unsuccessful and they brought the gavel down on me anyway. One week in the slammer for you, sir.

I ask, what kind of society are we living in where group think is not only encouraged but to speak out against group think is a crime? Did I ask people to avoid the vaccine? No. I simply asked them to do their own research, rather than placing their faith in science on a system of proven federal liars that have a track record of abusing the general public.

This week in YouTube prison was meant as a way to shut me up, to teach me a lesson. Sit in your Internet prison cell, John, and think about what you have done. Well, I’ve done just that. And, in hindsight, I would do it all over again. My stance hasn’t changed one bit. If you want to take the vaccine, take it. By all means, do what is best for you, but come to the conclusion yourself. Don’t be swayed by a billboard with Kamala Harris smiling, don’t be shamed, intimidated, or bullied into group think.

I am formally released from “prison” on Sunday morning but will be in the woods camping. Monday morning, the Prison Break Special will air on Prepper Nation and it will be can’t-miss. Without free speech we have nothing. Not hate speech, mind you, but free speech – the ability to think logically and speak freely based on the collection of our thoughts. It is time to hold the line!


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2 thoughts on “Cell Block C

  1. That was a bit harsh….I’d get it if you had touted some anti-vaccine stuff or something that would be questionable against their rules(remember, they are a private company and doesn’t have free speech, they have guidelines, and they are fighting misinformation, since congress told them to), but just telling people to do their own research? Then again, You know how stupid the average person is? Half the population is even more stupid(and they don’t know it). And telling them to do their own research… Well, Google probably thought like that and saw you as an anti-vaxxing touting dissident. 😀

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