See folks, I didn’t forget about this website/blog! I wanted to ramble for a few minutes on a couple of developments here at The Ponderosa. First, I am now working with Arkhaven Comics in an official capacity. For those who aren’t familiar, they’re a smaller comics imprint comprised of writers that’ve broken away from DC and Marvel because of the political wokeness that the two major imprints are now pumping into their comic books. The folks at Arkhaven simply want to tell stories without worrying about the current social nonsense of 2021.

Second, I have really missed writing. It’s strange because you can shut the laptop and decide to take a break from writing, but the stories never stop. I fully expect to be working on something writing related very soon, and it’ll probably involve zombies. I don’t have an official title, cover art, or street date, but that will all come with time. Right now I am committed to writing and the rest will work itself out, it always does.

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