The Passion to Write

So, in starting up the Sleepy Writer Podcast, I’ve really found the passion to write again. It’s not that I ever really “lost” the passion, but life is life, things get busy and before you know it there are a million other things you need to do first. I’m still super busy (who isn’t), there no doubt about that, but I need to find time to write – I need to make time to write.

As of right now I’m stuck between two worlds that I created through writing and love very much: The post-apocalyptic world of Zombie Cowboys and the Hollow Earth world. Both are amazing (to me) and they’re original enough to matter. As some of you know, we’ve greenlit the creation of our own tabletop roleplaying game, which is a mammoth project, but it will also include a slew of novels and short stories.

Building something like this from the ground up is both a huge undertaking and very rewarding. It appeals to the creative side of me, even if there’s a ton of work involved. This is the part where I say “goodbye” to the stories and characters that I’ve created and fallen in love with along the way…yes, even Gunship, which is like an ex-wife. There will always be feelings for that one but stop calling me, Gunship, it’s time to go our separate ways. It’s time to create something brand new and stick with it until I’m old and frail.

Therefore, on to the next!


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