As the host of Prepper Nation on YouTube, John began prepping in 2012 after a tornado ransacked his hometown. It was a wake-up call finding himself with a wife, small children, and no access to electricity, water, or even food. He spent the following year reading up on doomsday prepping and began putting the knowledge to work via trial and error in 2013.

Having been in love with camping since his first trip in high school (thanks Adam!), John, his family, and a few close friends have camped extensively since 2001. He often refers to “Outlaw Prepper” and “Caveman James” on his podcast, both of whom have camped with him since the beginning.

Unlike many “YouTubers”, what you see on Prepper Nation is what you get in real life. John admits that there are areas he needs to improve on, and instead focuses on a community environment where everyone can help one another grow, learn, and prep the gear, mind, and soul.

“I make my living writing but I also make sure that I never find myself unable to provide for my family again. For whatever reason, people have just taken to my rambling on YouTube and I believe Divine intervention has a lot to do with it.”

(Thanks Rebecca)


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  1. Good luck. I watch a bit of Youtube, so will check out your channel. Sounds like the perfect content in contrast with everything that is happening… 🙂

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