Farewell, social media.

Farewell, social media. It’s been fun… I guess. The truth is that I’ve taken most of the last two weeks off of social media because I’ve been busy and it’s come to my attention how much more I’ve accomplished. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Goodreads… The list goes on. While having met some incredible folks, each platformContinue reading “Farewell, social media.”

What is Terminus and why you should care?

The short answer is Terminus is a brand new series co-created by Jason Halstead and myself. If you need more reasons to care, I’d be glad to name a few. First, our combined online reach is equivalent to that of a “Big 6” publishing house. We’ve each written best-selling books and appeal to a broad rangeContinue reading “What is Terminus and why you should care?”

It Is Not How Hard You Hit

We’ve all heard the expression. Normally, I blog about the writing projects I have scheduled. This morning, I decided to write about something a little more personal. As I approach my 5 year anniversary with writing, it’s made me think a lot about what I’ve been through, where I’m at in my career and whereContinue reading “It Is Not How Hard You Hit”

Predicting the 2nd Video Game Crash.

OK folks, so I’ve been following video games a long time and I’m here to predict the 2nd North American video game crash (the 1st happened during 1983). Now, keep in mind that I’m not an “expert” by textbook standards. I was, however, playing (and studying) the game market long before these so-called “experts” wereContinue reading “Predicting the 2nd Video Game Crash.”