What I Learned Without The Internet



In case you are new around here, for the past few months I’ve been without the internet. Purposely. Yep, you heard right. The wife and I voluntarily gave up the internet in order to simplify things around here. And I’d like to take a moment to throw out the pros and cons of making such a move.

The pros are just what I thought they would be. As a family, we began watching television(on discs) together again. Once the kids figured out that tablets and streaming media was no longer an option, they seemed to get warm to the alternative very quickly. Meanwhile, the wife and I had lots of fun trying to run down physical copies of television shows we enjoy. We began to spend lots more time together. Things like camping, board games and we even had a night which featured an art contest. One that I’m ashamed to admit I did horribly with. In fact, lots of you may be mulling a life without(or with very limited) internet. I’m here to tell you that it has been just as incredible as I had hoped for – and more.

But, as with everything, living like it’s 1985 has its cons. The biggest drawback for me personally, was the very tough task of staying in touch with my editor(who lives in Spain). Sure, we tweeted back and forth, but when it came time to send and receive files – it was a huge pain. I quickly found myself not missing the other forms of social media at all! Things like Facebook and the pile of other ways to communicate with “friends” became an afterthought. The things folks believe they can’t live without. I did miss Netflix though, I’ll admit to that.

So here I am. Several months later, I am plenty the wiser and I believe our family will carry the internet-free months with us from here on out. We’re still planning blackout nights and things like that, just because we’ve already started to miss life without the internet. I also managed to publish three books during those few months. #Nanowrimo my ass, just unplug the internet. I quickly found the #nanowrimo productivity goal a joke, once the distractions were eliminated.



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