The Easily Offended


They’re everywhere, right? People these days get offended and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there? This past week I tweeted out (to a friend of mine) that skinny jeans look ridiculous on men. And I stand by that. In return, I got nailed with a (long) string of tweets by a woman I didn’t know, who started badgering me on the issue. I politely shut her up by replying with a .gif of Seinfeld trying to peel skinny jeans off of Kramer – then it hit me. You can’t argue with Seinfeld’s logic on one damn issue. You just can’t

I realized that the Seinfeld show came just before this PC world we live in now. Jokes could still be laughed at back then without the fear of the offended beating their drums and coming at you en masse. I went back, watched the show (thanks, Hulu) and what do you know, it’s still funny.

In 2017, you can wear skinny jeans. That’s your right. But I’ve got rights too, and I think it looks ridiculous. My parting shot here is that nothing actually happens when you get offended. We’re not talking Gremlins eating after midnight here, I mean you literally get offended and go about your day. Life continues. So be kind and respectful, but also speak your mind. And for the love of everything that’s good…don’t try to troll me on Twitter. I’m far too clever to take the bait.


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5 thoughts on “The Easily Offended

      1. Hahaha. Yea, but it was what popped up in my head when you mentioned Gremlins feeding after midnight and I had to write something about being offended by something…

    1. I think that if someone wants to be offended, they’ll find a reason. All we can do is speak our minds respectfully, right?

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