1/1/2021 – It’s officially a go. Preliminary work has started on a collaborative tabletop RPG and it has an official name: Earthworld. There’s no official art as of yet and we’ve made it as far as brainstorming onto stacks of notebook paper. It’s a process, folks. What I can tell you is that we plan to incorporate cool things (settings and locations, weaponry, possibly even heroes) from all of my previous work into this project. If nothing else, this should be one heck of a ride!

10/27/2021 – I’m currently communicating back and forth with several people in the tabletop gaming industry. The consensus is that, if we move forward with building a tabletop RPG from the ground up, it would be based on a brand new universe, not something I’ve already created. This “core” hardcover would be followed up by several modules and even a few paperback novels that exist in the same universe.


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