FREE Book!


The original Gunship story is now FREE on the following:



Smashwords(iPad, Sony, iPhone, Android)

(Coming soon for the Nook)

Why would I do this? Simple. I want to introduce new readers to the Gunship series. I want you to begin the same series that, for a short time in 2012, outsold EVERY Star Wars novel on the Amazon Kindle. I want you to discover Adam Michaels and his crew of smugglers as they flaunt the law, avoid confrontation with the Hunters(Vampires) and carry themselves with swagger. I want new readers of the series to see first-hand, why a mixture of Orc from the fantasy realm, spaceships from the science fiction realm and saloons from the western realm makes for a good read.

So dive in, for FREE. The only risk involved is a few minutes to decide if the Gunship series is your next favorite brand!


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