Welcome to the official website of the Gunship series. Since 2011, readers have devoured the story of Adam and his crew, and now, the Skyla System just got a whole lot bigger. For those of you who are new to Gunship, it’s a series that has spawned three #2 rankings on the Amazon Kindle(science fiction) and continues to thrive. Gunship is not your grandfather’s science fiction, but rather a gritty tale about a fictitious solar system with a heap of problems. At the backbone of things is a very nasty civil war between the two most-powerful factions humanity has to offer. In the background, there are plenty of nasty clans having at it. Vampires who prefer sleek weaponry against a mafia-style family that lives for the tradition of battling with cold steel. There’s also a large race of menacing green beasts who have a distaste for both of the previously mentioned. Oh, and there’s a Zombie outbreak.

Sound like an overload of goodness? Don’t worry, it’s all spread out across several books(seven and counting) in this ongoing series. Dusty saloons and revolvers meet high-tech weaponry and the endless confines of space. The Skyla System is a sandbox where anything is possible. The only certainty is – you’ll be left wanting more.

If you’re not brand new to the series – welcome back! You already know about Adam’s speed with a pistol and Dalton’s knack for emptying a whiskey bottle. In fact, you’re a big part part of the reason that the Gunship series is now challenging some of the most elite science fiction stories out there. Thank you for that.

Either way, I’m glad you found the Gunship Portal. There are huge things coming in 2015 and beyond!

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