Zombie Giveaway!


Reign of the Dead is now available!

It’s time to announce the Zombie Giveaway. As the book launches on Amazon.com, I’ll start tweeting the link on my Twitter account. IF Reign of the Dead begins creeping into the top spots of its genre(post-apocalyptic science fiction), I’ll start signing paper books and sending them your way! If we hit the #3 overall spot in the genre, I’ll sign one and mail it to the doorstep of one lucky winner. If we hit #2? I’ll sign 2 copies and mail them off to 2 winners! If we hit the #1 overall spot in post-apocalyptic science fiction on the Amazon Kindle, I will begin signing 1 book each hour that we stay on top and sending them to lucky winners out there, PLUS I will personally call one of the winners at home to thank them over the phone! We can talk books, sports, politics – whatever you want to talk about.

Why is this contest so fantastic? I’ve refused to do public book signings since I began writing and there are literally less than a dozen signed books out there. Now, I’m giving folks a chance to win as many as they want!

What do you have to do in order to win? RT my link on Twitter, that’s it! Can Reign of the Dead hit #1? I’ve had my books do it before. Now, let’s see if we can get the most-anticipated Zombie read of 2015 to its rightful place. Good luck!

*Winners will be randomly selected and messaged via Twitter. Please note, my first shipment of paper copies will arrive in early October. Contest open to U.S. residents only.


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