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I wanted to get a blog post out there right as we left 2015 and ventured into a brand new year. I’m five days late. That means that half of the resolutions for 2016 have already been abandoned by now, right? Not mine. I’ve dedicated myself to reading a lot more and writing a lot more in 2016. So far, I’ve managed to put away a Stephen King book and publish One Last Hero, which is easily the best work I’ve ever written. Without spoiling anything, it’s a story that honestly has a special meaning to me.

I’d like to thank the readers and you folks out there who RT my links. Each of you is awesome and I couldn’t write for a living without you. I want you to know that. I’ve been busting my own chops over here to get better at the craft (my editor has also been slowly becoming elite) and I’ve dedicated myself to putting out a lot more work. In other words, I’m now prepared to go up against the best science fiction authors out there.

In closing, 2016 is shaping up to be a fantastic year. Gunship fans will be happy to know that Gunship: Space Rebels is now in the editing stage and is only weeks away from release. For a while now, I’ve known that I’m a pulp-style writer. Rather than change that and become more conventional, I’ve decided to embrace my style and work on becoming the best at it. Peace, love and spaceships.

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