I’m Coming to YouTube!

Technically, I’m already there, but I’m actually investing time and effort into a brand new YouTube Channel that should debut sometime this August!


Let’s face it, authors on YouTube are a dime a dozen, so I am hoping to make my channel a little different. Sure, there’ll be plenty of writing tips, but I won’t be reviewing books or begging for buzz through Kindle giveaways. Nope, I’ll be doing pretty much everything that I think is cool. Things like workout tips for us normal guys and which coffee to buy (and enjoy) on the cheap.



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2 thoughts on “I’m Coming to YouTube!

  1. Cool beans. Looking forward to see the uniqueness of your YouTube channel. After awhile, authors’ content starts blending with each other. I haven’t quite tackled YouTube, regarding being an author, but I’m willing to learn. Right now, most ofmy videos have been about drawing comics.

    Keep smiling,

    1. Thanks. There’s sure to be some writing stuff on my YouTube Channel, but it will focus largely on my own personal interests. Given the way I think, it should be interesting.

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