I’m that guy.


We all know the type. The guy(or gal) who just has a problem following the traditional mold. You hand me a yearbook and I fill the entire page with a guy drinking beer. You tell me flu shots are important, and I tell you I haven’t had the flu since quitting the shots nine years ago. Stubborn, hard-headed or original. You be the judge.

Anyway, I’ve come to realize this translates to writing as well. There are a handful of local authors burning up the trail when it comes to book signings, conventions and author groups at the local library. Again, no can do. If I have to hang up a sign explaining who I am to folks, then I’m just an average guy. That’s why I don’t currently do book signings. Have I had offers? Of course. I’ve had the opportunity to set up in my local Barnes & Noble, turned down an invitation to a local writer’s group and blown off several local newspaper chances. The honest to God reason for all of the above is pretty simple. I don’t write books for recognition. If I ever make it to the platform Stephen King stands on, then yes, I may actually do a book signing or two. Until then, I just don’t see the point. If I’m in a bookstore, I want to read books. Not tell folks why they should be buying mine.

I don’t understand what authors gain from book signings, aside from sitting behind a table and appearing to be fancy? Networking? No, I can network with more potential readers in the span of 30 minutes on social media. Sales? Most authors sell a handful of copies at best. I can sell that while eating ice cream in my underwear. I just love to write. For the longest time I thought it was a hidden persona of mine, but now I know different. Now I understand that I’m a very quiet and secluded author who sometimes has to put on a public face to visit the grocery store. Do I want to be there? No. I’d rather be writing. My characters are my soul and my readers are very important to me. Even by reading this blog, you’re sharing a part of me that remains private to most.

Still, if you hand me a yearbook – expect a picture of a guy drinking beer.


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One thought on “I’m that guy.

  1. I totally understand you reasoning. However, sometimes seeing a person who’s work you admire is more for the fan than for the artist/writer. For me when I meet and artist or writer, it’s the same as going to a concert. Yes I can sit around in my pajamas listening to their music on my awesome stereo system, but seeing them live, performing on stage, maybe getting to shake their hand or something is completely different. I hold that memory near and dear to my heart.

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